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About the JRHRC Hunt Test:

Held the second weekend in August, the Jim River Hunting Retriever Hunt Test takes place in the Watertown, South Dakota at Joy Ranch.  With preparations for the hunt test starting early Friday morning, members of the Jim River Hunting Retriever Club work tirelessly through the three days of the hunt test to ensure that the JRHRC puts on the best hunt test that they can. 

    The Friday before the hunt test Jim River's club members arrive early in the morning for meetings and to receive their assignments for the weekend.  They spend all day Friday with their hunt test judges to ensure proper placement of equipment for the hunt test inorder to ensure a quick and easy start come Saturday morning.  Friday night the Jim River Club members, staff and judges have their judges' dinner before the start of the hunt test on Saturday.

     On Saturday morning you can find the Jim River club members running around bright and early making sure all final preparations are set and all are ready to roll. Once check ins are completed the Jim River Hunt test starts promptly at 8:00am (or as close to) and runs until the last dog finishes.  Once all dogs have completed the hunt test from each respective test all are invited (gallery and hunt test participants) to the banquet that is held afterwards. The banquet is filled with fun, stories, food, drinks and a raffle with proceeds going to the Jim River Hunting Retriever Club for the next years hunt test.  During the banquet ribbons are given out to passed and title dogs that passed their respective hunt tests earlier that day.

   Sunday is much like Saturday but with Jim River Club members running around a little less.  Hunt tests  start promptly at 8:00am minus any delays and run throughout the day.  Once a handlers respective hunt test is complete they will return to Joy Ranch to recevie their ribbon and return home, there may be a lot of talking and story telling involved between the ribbons and leaving though.

     Jim River Hunting Retriever Club wishes to provide the best experience possible for each handler and canine that participates in our hunt test.  If you have suggestions on how we could make things better please let us know.

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